Not of This World (Chapter II)


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released August 2, 2017



all rights reserved


BDUF Manteno, Illinois

BDUF is an electronic dance music producer from IL combining the high intensity sounds of 90's techno and trance with modern day dubstep and trap, sprinkled with just the right amount of classical symphony on top. BDUF also does work with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, donating a portion of album sales to help fight cystic fibrosis. ... more

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Track Name: Rapture
Tellin' the truth
Tellin' me lies
I can't handle it
You gotta decide
Give me a hug
Give me a kiss
There's no way back
Once I have started like this

When you touch my skin
A beautiful sin
His magic eyes
I could only live in
Now this is the truth
Just be you
There's so many things
That I want to do

Take me away
Take me away
We'll leave this planet
No more need to stay
Take me away
To wait for the day
So in the night light
We will shine and play
Track Name: Smash
What happens when life breaks down?
When there is systemic contradiction?
My name symbolized all that was corrupt to society.
His name symbolized all that was pure.
And I was being hailed in the embrace of the man who was pure.
And these inviolable sanctities were preserved in those words.

Lemme smash

Lemme smash
Track Name: Left Behind
It goes on and on the same
Never one to take the blame
Lost and hurt, come set me free
I just want to be...

Touch me now and feel my skin
Never thought of giving in
Feel me close, I want you near
I just want you here

Here we are in nick of time
I wanna know what's on your mind
Is it you, or are we through?
I gotta feel what's left behind.
Track Name: Neon
I'm goin under
It's goin down
Track Name: Madhouse